Bruce Lee: immortal dragon with Adam Chow

Adam Chow and Bruce Lee's Doodle

“I’ve been a lifelong Bruce Lee fan since I was a kid after watching his leading role black and white movie “The Kid”, my father already forecasted he will be the brightest movie star in Hong Kong” Adam Chow says.

Who is Adam Chow?

Adam Chow is a 64 years old man. Born and raised in Hong Kong. Adam Chow introduces himself so “a distinguished art based Creative Director in advertising career, after graduating from Hong Kong Polytechnic University for Graphic Design in 1980, I’ve developed my conceptual art direction talent with international advertising agencies”. He reveals “I stopped drawing him after two of my illustrations of hm were stolen, first at my Hong Kong Polytechnic Design graduation show in 1979 and again at a public subway station exhibition in 1980. Due to very time consuming on oil paintings, I found a quicker way to fulfill my new creations Doodle Bruce, which is uses a ballpoint pen with digital colored”.

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Adam is asked “How are your relationships with the Lee, Linda and Shannon family? What do they think of your doodle about Bruce Lee young and aged, nowadays?”. He reply “My father was a friend of Bruce Lee’s father, he went to Lee’s home in Kowloon HK regularly for business. Unfortunately, my father never met Bruce since young Bruce already returned to USA. I’ve worked with James Wong & Eunice Lam in Saatchi & Saatchi HK, James was Bruce’s schoolmate in La Salle College, Eunice was married to Peter Lee (Bruce’s elder brother). I never contacted Linda and Shannon Lee, but Shannon frequently shares my Doodle Bruce on her FaceBook profile and Instagram posts, I think she likes to see her father in different stages of his life.”. However, he has something special to recount “I never met Bruce Lee. I only had chance to play with Oscar Lee (Peter’s son, Bruce’s nephew) in Saatchi & Saatchi”.

Adam Chow and Bruce Lee: the link between the artist and the myth Bruce Lee

Today Adam Chow is close to Bruce Lee with his drawings, doodle “after retiring from my creative advertising job in 2009, I began oil painting for leisure, focusing on portraits of some of the world most significant people and pop culture influencers. I did a series of four small portraits called Glorious Life of Bruce Lee (2011), and discovered that I greatly enjoy the process of drawing his facial expressions, strong body and different postures. I’ve since painted 20 oil canvases of the Gung Fu icon, produced the world’s 1st and 2nd Bruce Lee art shows in Hong Kong (2013/2014) as well as my solo Bruce Lee art shows in 2015 & 2017”.

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The legendary Bruce Lee remained in the hearts of his fans because he left in each of them an indisputable energy. One of his friends, Barry Mar, called him “THE REAL DEAL”. Adam Chow draws him instead. He continues to make him alive in his doodle. He paints Bruce Lee with modern age and in the company of his family. Adam tells us about the novelty on Bruce’s doodle that we will see in 2020 “Next year (November 2020) is Bruce Lee’s 80th birthday, so far I’ve created over 200 color illustrations all based on him, maybe a good idea to draw Bruce Lee and Jesse Glover together for my Artbook and publish it”. Adam Chow demonstrated the eternity of the art. Congratulations to the one who with his drawings illustrates the peculiarities of a complete artist.

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